Dalis Distribution

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About Us:

DALIS Distribution LLC is a family owned company dedicated for several years to the distribution of alternatives to animal meat. We distribute soy meat/textured soy protein and Natural Super Foods as Raw Cacao or Turmeric.

DALIS Distribution LLC was created as a distributor of Mexican products and dedicated to the commercialization of soy meat under the brand Yayita. We have a chain of distribution through an extensive network of supermarkets throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

At DALIS Distribution, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, increasing the availability to Hispanic and American consumers that want to save and move into a vegetarian life, defending an overall attitude of true respect for animal life, offering competitive pricing and maintaining high standards of service and quality that has always characterized us.

The vegetarian population of the United States has grown rapidly and in recent decades in the Hispanic market.

Our mission is to continue our tradition of progress and excellence, and become one of the leading distributors of alternatives to animal meat, bringing the hand rejection of all forms of animal sacrifice.

Call us at 1-888-Yayitas